Civil Design Project Engineer (Hybrid work)

Madison, WI




Salary: Starting at $80,000 + commensurate with experience.

*This role is hourly. The mentioned figure represents the annual salary for 40 hours/week.

Work Environment: Work from any of our offices in Beloit, Janesville, or Elkhorn, Wisconsin with HYBRID potential. We offer ample support as you secure your Wisconsin PE license within 12-24 months of joining us.

Benefits: Comprehensive package including medical, dental, and vision insurance, L/S disability, company matching retirement, PTO, and continuous education opportunities


THE COMPANY – R.H. Batterman

With over 106 years of history, R.H. Batterman is a Wisconsin-based company that stands as a respected leader in the Civil Engineering and Survey Professions. We have successfully completed over 34,700 design, roadway, and construction projects, preserving the original papers from each one as a part of our legacy. On the cusp of becoming the preferred partner for public and private sector clients across Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, we continue to prioritize employee retention and commitment, cultivating an environment that supports personal and professional growth.

We are committed to community outreach, demonstrating our dedication to excellence, and giving back to the communities we serve.



What sparks your passion for design? Is it a drive to shape the world, to see your designs stand as landmarks in the community? Do the hands-on challenges of civil engineering ignite a sense of purpose and determination within you? Are you ready to grow your career with full support and resources? If so, let's shape the future of design together at R.H. Batterman!

Our ideal Project Engineer is:

  • Eager to Learn. Whether you’re fresh out of school or a seasoned professional, your curiosity drives continuous improvement, adaptation to new technologies, and striving for excellence, with your sights set on achieving that PE distinction.
  • Tenacious. Getting stuck on a design and facing tight deadlines are all part of the job in the civil engineering industry. Though it’s not always a smooth ride, you enjoy navigating the complex, the busy, and the challenging to make sure the job gets done!
  • Pragmatic. Clarity, honesty, and teamwork are how you get things done. Aware of what can and cannot be achieved, you have a knack for realistic communication about design capabilities and limitations and are not afraid to ask questions.

Whether you aspire to lead or specialize, if you bring grit and a passion for civil engineering, there’s a place for you to thrive! And remember, at R.H. Batterman, we believe in achieving together - it’s a collective effort to cross the finish line.


  • Produce safe, efficient, high-quality designs
  • Write and produce detailed and coherent reports
  • Collaborate effectively with Project Managers, drafters, and other Project Engineers
  • Progressively demonstrate versatility and adaptability by working on a wide range of projects
  • Actively seek out and learn applicable local and federal regulations
  • Successfully manage multiple deadlines
  • Leverage available resources and mentorship to enhance professional skills
  • Engage in quarterly conversations for organizational alignment and personal fulfillment



  • 2+ years’ design experience
  • ABET-accredited Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
  • EIT certification or ability to obtain


  • Experience in sectors like transportation, stormwater, municipal, and the private sector
  • Proficiency in Civil 3D software
  • Familiarity with Wisconsin DOT procedures
  • Knowledge in municipal workings


  • Familiarity with contractual plans and designs; related agency connections are a plus!



At R.H. Batterman, camaraderie thrives, and hard work is always paired with a good dose of fun. We believe in the power of collective strength during challenging times. During the 2008 recession, we stood by our principles and ensured no employee was left behind, solidifying our commitment to our team.

Here are even more reasons to work with R.H. Batterman:

  • We promote and support your continuing education by covering costs for classes and additional certifications, plus we ensure you have the necessary time for them!
  • Project diversity: we offer a wide array of projects across types and sizes, so there’s always room for you to focus on your interests!
  • Our level of teamwork is unmatched
  • Highly collaborative environment
  • It's not a competition, but a collective effort to bring projects to the goal line
  • A flexible work environment where work-life balance is real
  • Family-oriented and respectful culture
  • 4th generation company upholding a tradition of commitment to our employees and community
  • Over 100 years of resilience and expertise in our industry!


  • CLIENT FIRST. Clear communication, swift responses, and simplified solutions for complex problems are key to our success.
  • PEOPLE MATTER. We are growth focused, fun and family-friendly. We lead through mentorship, a supportive culture, and cutting-edge technology.
  • BETTER TOGETHER. True collaboration emerges when we remain approachable. We encourage clients and colleagues to be curious and never afraid to ask questions.
  • FUTURE FOCUSED. We are invested - in our company, colleagues, clients, and community. Our "built-to-last" legacy inspires us to give back, help others, and improve ourselves through continuous learning. 
  • INTEGRITY CENTERED. A tradition of transparency, trust, and accountability is embedded in our 100-year history. We do what’s right even when it’s hard.


At Batterman, we don’t just engineer excellent designs; we engineer excellent careers. Apply Today and take control of your career path!

JOB CODE: R.H. Batterman