COO / Integrator

Raleigh, NC





Are you authentic, curious, and able to talk to anyone? Have you taken small to larger sized businesses to the next level in a calculated, efficient manner? Are you someone who wants to grow a business while taking care of your people and community? If you are a selfless leader who can check their ego, is willing to ask questions, and can't leave a job unfinished, then this position might be perfect for you!

 Our ideal COO/Integrator is:

  • Curious - You have an insatiable desire to understand how and why things work, whether talking about an engine part or a complex business system. You ask all the right questions. 
  • Organized - You have excellent follow through, without creating red tape. A master of prioritization, you have an engineering mind and can see the big picture without micromanaging. You are good with spreadsheets and numbers and are technically savvy. 
  • Thick-skinned – You have a track record of ‘having some spine’. You aren’t afraid to have hard conversations and will make tough decisions when it’s needed. You can thrive in a blue-collar environment and know how to balance decisive calls with your ability to care for and help your people.
  • A Strong Leader - Politics mean nothing to you - it is all about getting the job done the right way. You are more focused on the team than your own accomplishments. You are down to earth and approachable and enjoy helping and mentoring others.

Our ideal COO / Integrator is great at organizing and driving business, but also enjoys working with their hands. They are customer oriented but comfortable telling the customer ‘no’ if we are unable to satisfy their request in an economical manner. This position is not a "stepping stone" for the right candidate - we are looking for someone that desires long-term opportunity and growth. As a catalyst of team growth and cohesion, this person will champion Greasecyle's culture and ensure it remains vibrant and spreads even further throughout the organization.


The job responsibilities of our COO/Integrator include:

Leadership, Management, and Accountability

  • Reporting to the Visionary, this person will handle communication implementation of all Visionary directives and processes
  • Responsible for all departments: Operations, Dispatch, Long-Distance Trucking and Logistics, Plant Operations, Sales, and Administration (Compliance, Finance)
  • Responsible for the growth and development of the Greasecycle Leadership Team 
  • Oversees all budgeting, forecasting, and P&L reporting (responsible for labor and OT expenditures, roots cause analysis, driver fuel efficiency, tracking ratio of asset expenditures as well as proper deployment of capital and its ROI)
  • Holds all one-on-one meetings with each person on Leadership Team
  • Runs all leadership team meetings
  • Fills in as Interim Raleigh Branch Manager as needed
  • Oversees and maintains compliance with all regulations
  • Responsible for the tracking of company efficiencies (truck usage, fuel waste, plant waste, etc.), communicating efficiencies, and implementing policies and procedures
  • Owns Talent Acquisition processes, as well as departmental and organizational growth
  • Will have say in major equipment decisions
  • Owns team member recognition process


  • Collaborates with Greasecycle Ops team (regarding container collection and delivery), as well as Greasecycle Sales department
  • Creates framework and meeting cadence to ensure interdepartmental cohesion and communication
  • Collaborates and drives implementation of new CRM / routing system

Customer Service

  • Responsible for handling all escalations of customer disputes 
  • Implements quality control on inbound customer calls 
  • Implements multi-channel customer service processes:
    • Website chat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.



  • 5+ years of successful, proven experience as: Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, VP of Operations or Company Division Head
  • Stable and consistent work history
  • Experience leading a fast-growing company of at least 20M revenue
  • Small business experience that required you to solve uncharted problems and wear many hats
  • Multi-location leadership experience
  • High Proficiency in Excel, spreadsheets/formulas
  • An excellent communicator who first seeks to understand
  • Communicates efficiently, to the point


  • Technical degree (such as STEM, finance, engineering, or management)
  • Experience in any of the following industries:
    • Service
    • Equipment
    • Logistics / Routing/ Trucking


  • Experience in a 'dirty' industry, such as the waste/trash industry

What success looks like for this critical role (within five years):

  • Opening and operating two additional locations (total of 4)
  • Continues to make Greasecycle an employer of choice that attracts the best candidates that will drive our culture, profits, and environmental impact
  • Employs over 125 team members
  • Increases organizational revenue over 250%
  • Drives increased environmental/customer value
  • Will be the industry leader in efficiency of routing, collections, and processing

This is an in-person role located in Raleigh, NC. This role will require up to 5% local / in-state travel.

THE COMPANY – Greasecycle

Founded in 2009 and considered one of America’s fastest growing small businesses 5 years in a row, Greasecycle collects used cooking oil, refines it, and sources it as a feedstock into the biodiesel industry. We also pump and clean restaurant grease traps and jet the lines to keep kitchens clean and odor-free. Greasecycle employs 52 people and services North Carolina and parts of Virginia and South Carolina. We turn challenges into valuable resources. We make the dirty clean and the ugly beautiful.

WHY Greasecycle?

Greasecycle is a well-oiled machine that credits so much of our success to the strength and dedication of our team. At Greasecycle, we forgive mistakes, empower employees, and give our teams the tools to solve problems and make decisions. We are a small, local company with a big impact on our community and the environment. Our COO / Integrator must be a systems and process thinker in a streamlined way. We're looking for someone who doesn't want to be stalled or leave a job half-finished and is always willing to learn.

  • Yearly company outings
  • Career development and education opportunities
  • Professional, casual environment
  • Accessible Leadership Team
  • Playful, irreverent, and curious culture
  • Financial abundance for our team

Our Core Values are: 

  • Gritty: We embrace the suck and get the job done despite the obstacles.
  • Scrappy: Did your tool break? MacGyver the situation.
  • Humble: Own your mistake so we can all learn from it. Always be open to improvement.
  • Thoughtfully Decisive: In a tough situation? Don't be afraid to make decisions. Make the best decision for the customer and the company, and then make it happen.

Salary: $190k - $225k with 2.5% equity (4-year vesting)

Benefits: Health insurance reimbursement (up to $600 per month), 401(k) with 3.5% Employer Match, Health savings account

If you want the opportunity to be part of a company that invests in its people, growth, and quality, apply to Greasecycle today!

JOB CODE: Greasecycle