Second in Command

Remote - Fort Worth / Dallas, TX





Be a part of an entrepreneurial venture. Be a part of something that will impact 1000’s of entrepreneurs. Gets it done; makes stuff happen. Successfully grown a knowledge-based business.

Are you an empathetic and professional problem solver who thinks with abundance rather than scarcity? Do you stay ahead of that entrepreneurship curve and strive for success? We’re looking for a resilient, inspiring leader who avoids micromanagement and procrastination Are you hospitality-centric with a need to care for others? If you are a good communicator and known as a go-to person, we want to talk to you!

Our ideal Second In Command is:

  • Confident. At peace with yourself, you’re self-aware and push past self-limiting beliefs. You’re a mentor who connects on both sides of the equation, thinks on your feet, and can communicate with anyone. You view problems as opportunities and are comfortable being uncomfortable. You are patient, charismatic, know your value and will say what you need.
  • Levelheaded. An optimistic planner, you’re both reliable and resourceful. You stay calm in conflict but know how to influence. You’re realistic, open minded, authentic, and rational. You show empathy and can connect to people with high standards and a belief in our mission.
  • Progressive. You stay ahead of learning management system trends and know what remarkable content looks like. You’re hopeful and can see months down the road. You can talk the talk with business owners both big and small.
  • Humble. You’re willing to help even on a bad day. You view your job as a partnership, not a competition. You don’t want to compete to the detriment of the company or the owner. You’ve walked the walk and are not motivated through consequences but rather, rewards. A good listener with empathetic authority, you’ve learned the hard lessons so others don’t have to.
  • Strategic Builder. As a leader with high standards and a seeker of answers, you see things through the big picture lens. You see how the interworking’s weave together to steer direction and you plan accordingly. You balance passion with planning to create results.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit. You are comfortable with being uncomfortable. You have walked the walk and have the wisdom to think with an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset. You view business with an owner’s mentality – what’s good for the whole brings success and motivates you on an individual level. You are not afraid of success.

Our ideal Second In Command is equal parts Strategist and Expert in the knowledge space who is smart, successful, passionate, and fun. Our candidate handles the important, not urgent, issues before they become important AND urgent. We are seeking someone who is persuasive, able to negotiate, and possesses the “it” factor that inspires a partner network. We’re looking for a candidate that has faced a challenge, and now has grit and fire to create success.


The job responsibilities of our Second In Command include:

Leadership, Management, Accountability

  • Grow revenue and staff
  • Build and grow brands
  • Responsible for metrics, analytics, measure effectiveness of content
  • Focus on infrastructure, people, and business development
  • Create a paid and non-paid membership program


  • Inform and consult with the Visionary
  • Network, create opportunities, and negotiate deals
  • Write and create content plan/calendar working with content creators in large part the Visionary
    • Accountable for repurposing and disbursing content on content channels
  • Create and sell online courses according to a product pricing matrix
  • Creating an engaged community and driving demand
  • Create live events, conferences, masterminds, workshops, etc.
  • Repurpose and distribute content 
    • Take created content and put it in the appropriate channels for maximum audience to product conversion
  • Tech
    • Ecommerce, digital course creation, and rollout Kajabi, the LMS of choice
  • Marketing
    • Social media management, SEO, SEM

This Is a fully remote position based out of Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas



  • 7-10 years’ experience in business operations management, to include start-up’s
  • Entrepreneurial leadership experience
  • Experience in building a knowledge-based business on Kajabi
  • Brand building experience
  • Digital marketing/products campaign creation and management to include organic and paid
  • Project management/ digital product launch experience
  • Live events, conferences, event planning experience to include video direction
  • B2C experience


  • EOS / Integrator experience
  • Ecommerce experience
  • Tech startup experience, particularly in the area of knowledge-based systems
  • B2B experience


  • Has read “ROE, The ultimate way to think and communicate for ridiculous results by R. Michael Rose”

 THE COMPANY – Return on Energy (ROE)

Return on Energy was born from the real struggles of being an entrepreneur. What started as the begging thought of there must be a better way to navigate entrepreneurship; quickly became a framework that has changed the ways leaders view their business and make decisions. This framework was the inspiration behind the book ROE Powers ROI.

Mike Rose, author, speaker, and founder of Mojo Media Labs has recently successfully exited his digital marketing agency to follow his passion to support entrepreneur’s by bringing the groundbreaking Return on Energy concepts to the market.

Founded in 2007, Mojo Media Labs is a 3X Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Companies in America, Inc Best Workplaces in America and a Forbes Small Giants 1 of 25 in America. What started as a small marketing shop, founded by Michael Rose, is now in the top 1% of inbound marketing agencies. This success allowed Rose to focus on his brainchild passion, Return on Energy. Knowing 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years, Rose made it his mission to drive entrepreneurs to success. His science-based approach (ROE - Return On Energy) de-complicates businesses.

WHY Return on Energy?

Return on Energy allows you to leave your mark on a groundbreaking startup led by a proven business leader. We will influence 1000+ entrepreneurs within the next three years by growing their businesses so they can live a life they love. Our Second In Command must show empathetic authority by relating to those in other roles. They need to know how to overcome adversity.

  • Ready to impact the next generation of business owners
  • Community-first minded
  • We are on a journey to develop legacies

 Our Core Values are:

  • Collaboration             
  • Creativity
  • Personal Development
  • Passion
  • Reliability
  • Ridiculous results

Simon Sinek started with Start with Why, Dan Sullivan started with the Strategic Circle. We can do the same with ROE. Do you want to work somewhere with an opportunity to change lives while challenging yourself? Apply to Return on Energy today!


Starting base salary is $87.5K with a potential $37.5K bonus for top line performance in first year totaling $125K. Potential salary raise up to $175K annually based on performance and generated revenue.

JOB CODE: Return on Energy (RoE)