COO / Integrator

Remote - Fort Morgan, CO



Are you a communicator, a networker, and an Idea Translator who can speak with different levels of an organization? Do you learn quickly while still focusing on accuracy? Are you a detail-oriented individual who can sift through the smoke and see the clear picture? If you are hands-on, willing to travel, and able to delegate, this position is perfect for you!

Our ideal COO/Integrator is:

  • Decisive. You are a confident decision maker with the ability to see the big picture and always do what you say. A predictor who can see around corners, you’re driven and don’t need to be managed. You are a delegator who uses urgency and can follow through.
  • Versatile. You are adaptable, work well with a team, and are able to pivot. You’re outgoing and thick-skinned. You are a simplifier, a balancer, and a relayer.
  • Organized. You are intelligent, detailed, and structured. Honest and capable, you work objectively and analytically. You are a punctual planner who verifies and double checks everything.
  • Motivator. You see tasks and projects through. You’re a builder who is persistent and encouraging. You are respectful without being selfish. You keep the company focused.

Our COO/Integrator is forward-thinking and relentless. We are looking for someone who is open minded and gets stuff done. Our candidate is financially savvy and has a sense of humor.


The position of COO/Integrator requires you to be part of a bigger picture. You collaborate with ownership in developing and executing the business plan.

The job responsibilities of our COO/Integrator include:

  • Executes P&L, including balance sheet
  • Budget planning and forecasting
  • Develops and implements metrics
  • Reports metrics to the ownership group
  • Helps to fully implement EOS
  • Maintains up-to-date EOS documentation, such as accountability chart
  • Leads weekly (L10) meetings
  • Builds and manages our organization’s structure
  • Communicates expectations and holds people accountable (including leadership team)
  • Removes obstacles and barriers
  • Documents, develops, and manages processes and procedures
  • Special project management
  • Responsible for company expansion
    • Responsible for opening stores and warehouses on schedule
    • Part of business development, such as franchise development and/or opening corporate stores and licensing agreement
  • Responsible for growth of the company, including the building, implementing, and management of new systems.
  • Meets with director and reports on weekly basis
  • Clearly communicates ownership team’s goals and plans appropriate across all levels of organization
  • Weekly company-wide communication and updates
  • Responsible for accuracy of market research
  • Responsible to ensure all seats are filled with the Right People
  • Ownership of company culture growth and development
    • Ownership over employee satisfaction
    • Grows employee and industry partners / subcontractors’ retention rate
  • Responsible for leadership team training
  • Responsible for maintaining Industry association membership and relationships
  • Oversees all departments (refer to VTO chart)
  • Reports to ownership team

This is a remote role based in Colorado and accountable to multi state locations, including Fort Morgan weekly.



  • COO or Integrator experience in a $2M+ company
  • 2+ years progressive executive leadership experience
  • Multi-location management experience
  • CRM and accounting software experience
  • Executive leadership level responsibility over financials (such as P&L and budget management)


  • EOS experience
  • Artificial turf / landscape industry experience
  • Agricultural experience
  • Steady/stable work history
  • Experience overseeing marketing department
  • Franchising or scaling experience


  • Google Suite experience

THE COMPANY – Graff’s Turf

For over 30 years, Graff’s Turf has been a Colorado sod supplier dedicated to growing and delivering superior turf grass to sports fields, golf courses, commercial properties, and homes. Graff’s Turf offers the widest variety of turfgrass in the industry and provides fresh-cut sod grown under license from several innovative leaders in turfgrass development. Our natural grass has filled the stadiums of Notre Dame, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, and Chicago Cubs.

THE NEXT CHAPTER - Next 2 Natural Turf

Over the past 6 years Graff’s Turf has successfully launched an artificial turf diving of the company. The growth has been very fast and very rewarding. What once was thought as the nemesis of the company has become a very complementary product and service line. This is now allowing growth outside of the state and growing multiple stores. Just like in the natural grass business we strive to be a front runner in environmental stewardship and sourcing products that are innovative and installation techniques that are proven and long lasting.

WHY Graff’s Turf?

Graff’s Turf has a longstanding history as an industry leader with environmentally conscious products. At Graff’s Turf, our leaders care about their people’s growth and happiness. The COO/Integrator must be ready to scale a company in a fast-growing industry. We plan to open 50 locations by 2032 and are excited about our growth opportunities. At Graff’s Turf:

  • You are not a number
  • Your personal success matters

Our Core Values are:

  • Do What You Say
  • Respect
  • Get It Done
  • Doing It Right

If you want the opportunity to be a part of a family-friendly, small business environment with a great leadership and ownership team, apply to Graff’s Turf today!

Salary: 125-150,000 with salary and bonus

Benefits: 4% matching 401, 48 hours sick time, 40 hours front loaded PTO, Company attire,

Cell and laptop

JOB CODE: Graff’s Turf