Vice President of Operations

Lincoln, NE



Are you a motivated leader who craves accountability and views it as an opportunity for personal and team growth? Do you bring a blend of positivity, empathy, and an unwavering dedication to excellence? Are you passionate about process creation and implementation, ensuring tasks and projects are completed with precision and purpose? If you’re a leader who inspires others, embodies a winning attitude, and demonstrates a proactive learning mindset coupled with a tenacious work ethic, we want to talk to you! 

Our ideal Vice President of Operations is:

  • Committed to Excellence and Accountability. You view accountability as an opportunity to empower your team and individuals to achieve greatness, holding them to the standards you know they’re capable of. You feel unsettled and unsatisfied if your team isn’t striving for excellence, and every task isn’t executed with precision. You aren’t afraid to call out when the bar isn’t being met. Setting clear expectations and deadlines, you relish the incredible feeling of taking your team to the top.
  • Process-Oriented, Yet Adaptable. You excel in creating, implementing, and navigating structured systems and processes. You pride yourself on making structure out of chaos. However, you can seamlessly pivot to respond to evolving organizational needs. You understand that while fast-growing companies rapidly change, they still need stability! Your ability to flex, when necessary, ensures seamless transitions and effective problem-solving in a dynamic environment.
  • A Servant Leader. You prioritize mentoring others towards excellence, embodying the true spirit of support and guidance. You balance strength and sensitivity: you’re no pushover and inherently push your team to improve, but you do so with a listening ear and emotional intelligence. Your purpose is to uplift and coach others to reach their highest potential. It’s not about leading from above; you walk alongside your team and ensure everyone is equipped, empowered, and inspired to achieve their very best.
  • Effective Communicator. With a natural inclination towards honesty, humility, and trustworthiness, it excites you to be the internal face of the company. You shine in owning all internal company-wide communications. Approaching even the most challenging conversations with unmatched empathy and composure, you have a unique ability to build deep, meaningful connections with your team. You don’t just convey messages, you build bridges, so every team member feels heard and valued.
  • A Relentless Finisher. You consistently close tasks and projects with unwavering commitment and strong follow-through. With your problem-solving acumen you adopt a self-reflective and proactive approach, guaranteeing that deadlines are consistently met, and procrastination is never entertained.
  • Strategic/Forward-Thinking. Once you see the big picture vision, you are creative and resourceful in getting there. You understand the cascading effect of your decisions and can predict the needs of the organization before they arise. In the decision-making process, you think: “Where will this lead? What does this mean down the road? What do we need to be prepared for?” Then, you consistently take proactive action to address these questions.

If you’re prepared to lead with excellence, accountability, and a servant’s heart, partnering with our CEO/Visionary to effect transformative change, we want to talk to you! We seek someone who not only detests mediocrity but also thrives on building meticulously planned pathways to success, uplifting the team to reach their fullest potential, and approaching challenges with an optimistic demeanor. 


  • The responsibilities of our Vice President of Operations include, but are not limited to:
  • Own the daily operations of the organization; creating, streamlining, and documenting processes to improve efficiencies organization-wide
  • Act as a strategic buffer and go-to person between the leadership team and the CEO/Visionary, serving as the central point with which everything flows
  • Remove obstacles for team members to achieve quarterly/annual goals by proactively solving problems and championing a culture of proactive problem solving
  • Enhance accountability through the development and implementation of scorecards, metrics, and KPIs, guiding the focus of the leadership team, and acting as the closer to provide the final push to achieve key initiatives
  • Empower managers through purposeful discussions to achieve enhanced outcomes, providing expert coaching on delivering high-quality feedback to team members
  • Filter through and execute on CEO/Visionary’s ideas
  • Ensure Right Person, Right Seat for all leadership and department manager positions, including well defined job descriptions and metrics aligned with position expectations
  • Develop a training and employee onboarding program
  • Champion the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) within the entire organization
  • Develop a sales forecasting method and project staff needs based on sales projections
  • Take ownership of the P&L
  • Drive the company towards our goal of $12M by 2030 to become one of the largest lawn care companies in the region
  • Implement the Summit Performance Formula, an incentive and performance-based pay program for every seat in the company, including field and administrative employees

** This is a full-time, in-person position based in Lincoln, NE. **



  • 4+ years of leadership experience (director level or higher)
  • Operations experience
  • Proven experience scaling a company
  • Proven experience mentoring employees


  • Experience utilizing and/or implementing CRM systems
  • Familiarity with EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)
  • Sales leadership experience


  • Home-services business experience
  • Multi-site management experience (including different cities/states)

Who is Summit Lawns?

A Message from the CEO, Ted Glaser:

The lawn care and landscaping industry as a general collective has a smudge on it. Riddled with unprofessionalism, grimy and dirty dudes, rusty trucks, unmet expectations, and poor customer experiences. Sounds pretty lame, right? Well, sometimes the greatest treasures are hidden under a little dirt. In that sense, we’ve struck oil in the lawn care industry – and although it’s dirty, we have something here. And now we need your help!

At Summit Lawns, we’re on a mission to build a new generation of lawn care. You can have a gorgeous yard that you’re not embarrassed of, with a Chick-Fil-A level customer service. We make lawn care sexy and cool through technology, casual/fun/innovative interactions with our clients, and frankly having some pride in our appearances. We’re the highest rated lawn care company in the history of Lincoln (and soon to be the entire state of Nebraska), and we’re on a journey to build Nebraska’s largest and most impactful residential lawn care company by 2030. 

Through a few passion projects, we’re significantly impacting our community. Check it out: 

Random Acts of Clean Up - We revitalize and clean up overgrown homes and landscapes at no cost to the resident.

Snow Angels - We provide free snow removal all winter long for neighbors in need.

It’s kind of cool to have a job that’s so wildly visual and so intensely appreciated when done well.

10 years ago, we were nobody. We didn’t exist. Since that time, we’ve grown to be the largest lawn care company in Lincoln, and now our sights are set much further. We’re building something big, something that positively impacts every community we enter. 

Our mission matters now, more than ever. And that’s why we need YOU! A leader who loves accountability, processes, and coaching up team members. A leader who can organize an operation towards a big goal. What YOU do matters! 

So, you tell us. Do you want to:

  • Be part of an exciting, fast paced growth story and build something big?
  • Work for a company that provides real, tangible impact to its community?
  • Disrupt an entire industry that’s operating primitively and asleep at the wheel?
  • Change the lives of employees in an industry that’s sadly considered to be a dead end?

If this sounds like you, then let’s talk.

Ted Glaser, CEO

Summit Lawns 

Summit Lawn’s Core Values:

  1. No Crew Left Behind: We are helpful to each other, even if it’s not our job. Someone else is having a hard time and needs an extra hand to finish out the day? No problem, we got you homie. We’re open to take on new tasks and work together as a team to knock out anything, even if it’s not part of your “regular” job.
  2. Own It: Mess up on the job? That’s ok, we all make mistakes! Take ownership in the mistake, acknowledge it happened, and participate in fixing the problem. Take ownership in our equipment by respecting it and taking care of it.
  3. Embrace the Suck: Let’s face it, we’re not always working in an air conditioned office. The fact is, we work outside in rain, snow, and sunshine. We chose this job, so let’s have some fun with it! Splash in a puddle, throw a snowball, slap a smile on your face and let’s finish the job together with a positive attitude (even when equipment breaks). Enjoy the ride.
  4. Don’t be a D**k: This pretty much means what it says. We’re all about treating each other and our customers with respect, being responsible, and having a sense of humor.
  5. No Lawn is as Good as a Summit Lawn: In everything you do, do it to the best of your ability. Work with excellence and pride and show the world that no one else does it as good as we do.

Salary: $100k to $130k plus performance-based bonuses and incentives

Benefits: Benefits Allowance, Paid Vacation & Sick Time, Weekly Paychecks, Exposure to and Reimbursement for Exclusive Learning and Ongoing Education/Professional Development

JOB CODE: Summit Lawns