COO / Integrator

Tampa, FL




Are you a change champion and solutions-oriented professional? Do you possess the unique ability to triage and prioritize decisions in a patient focused environment? If you possess a high level of business expertise, emotional intelligence, and unwavering commitment to getting the job done, we want to talk to you!

Our ideal COO/Integrator is:

  • A Decisive Strategist. You quickly assess situations, adopt a “seek to understand” mentality, and synthesize complex information to chart a clear path forward as a skillful broker of solutions and strategies.
  • A Strong Communicator. You are a persuasive communicator who skillfully conveys messages, tailors them to the audience, and utilizes a wide range of effective communication skills. You excel at setting clear expectations, consistently delivering on your commitments, advocating passionately for the organization, and demonstrating strong networking abilities.
  • Unifying. You forge rapid and trustful relationships, maintain an approachable demeanor, high value on individuals as key resources, demonstrate a knack for collaboration, and possess the innate capacity to unite and inspire teams towards a shared vision.
  • Accountable. You uphold standards and ensure tasks are completed as expected, as you play a vital role in driving progress. Your keen attention to detail and consistent follow-through make you a reliable and trusted figure, keeping everyone on track to achieve their goals and meet their responsibilities.
  • Discerning. Highly proactive and resourceful are frequently used to describe you. You have an innate ability to decipher nuances and extract clarity from complex situations. You not only excel at leveraging subject matter experts but also possess extensive knowledge and acumen in business, further enhancing your decision-making prowess.
  • A Guide. You embody the essence of a true mentor, educator, and teacher. Your exceptional skill lies in extracting the full potential from your team, providing unwavering guidance as a trusted advisor, and wholeheartedly nurturing the growth and development of others.

Our ideal COO/Integrator wants to lead with precision and purpose. You are the self-reflective, data-driven leader who provides valuable feedback and guidance, all while maintaining high visibility and availability. Commanding respect from every corner of our organization, the relentless pursuit of excellence is what you are all about. Your presence and organizational expertise will shape the future of our healthcare organization, making you a key player in our continued success.


The COO/Integrator responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Actively contributes to and promotes the organization’s organic growth
  • Assumes leadership of the VTO (Vision/Traction Organizer)
  • Seeks a deep understanding of the business to build trust and rapport within the organization
  • Creates strong alignment and a cohesive communication strategy with ownership, acknowledging each owner’s unique perspective to ensure effective decision-making and business progress
  • Acts as the final decision-maker, offering decisive leadership with an ownership mindset
  • Proactively seizes opportunities, takes calculated risks, and consistently drives action
  • Acts as a catalyst for positive change and plays a pivotal role in enhancing the culture
  • Exemplifies and champions Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
  • Proactively identifies and negotiates business deals and acquisitions to expand the organization’s portfolio
  • Assumes leadership and responsibility for the successful execution of special projects


  • Commits to thoroughly understanding existing processes and procedures before making changes or improvement
  • Proactively eliminates obstacles and barriers, while also leading and taking ownership of all processes to promote seamless operations and continuous progress
  • Effectively manages team members, ensuring they remain focused on their assigned responsibilities and areas of expertise
  • Ensures Right Person, Right Seat principle is upheld for all leadership team members, including roles like Revenue Cycle Director, Marketing Director, and Clinical Services Director
  • Values the organization’s human capital and leverages leadership team expertise to drive business growth effectively
  • Facilitates the growth and development of Office Managers, ensuring their alignment with the role’s expectations and responsibilities
  • Effectively oversees and ensures optimal performance and alignment of practice physicians with the organization’s goals
  • Leads the expansion and development of the HR department, driving its growth to enhance organizational support
  • Executes a strategic optical plan to boost optical sales and enhance revenue
  • Initiates and executes a comprehensive plan for optimizing financial performance through revenue cycle management Implements a proven refractive process for consistently successful outcomes


  • Maintains an open and collaborative approach for decision-making, consults with ownership while trust is still being established
  • Manages and optimizes the KPIs and metrics vital to the organization’s success
  • Establishes Rocks (goals and objectives) that solidly support for the company’s growth and development
  • Develops a tailored retention plan to keep high-performing employees and those in alignment with the organization’s culture and values



  • Experience in the medical/healthcare industry
  • 10+ years of senior leadership experience (director level or above)
  • BA/BS in business, health management, or relevant degree
  • Multi-site experience
  • Experience directly overseeing medical billing
  • Physician management experience
  • Experience developing leaders


  • Ophthalmology experience
  • Managed an organization of at least $50M in revenue
  • Advanced degree in business or health management
  • Experience with EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)
  • Familiarity with EMR software Certified Ophthalmic Executive (COE)


  • Clinical Services experience
  • Experience acquiring other medical practices

** This is an in-person, on-site position based in Tampa, Florida. **


Newsom Eye is a globally renowned ophthalmology practice, led by the distinguished Dr. Newsom, whose innovative surgical skills and vast experience have earned him national recognition. With a commitment to comprehensive eye care, Newsom Eye offers a full range of services from cataract and Lasik surgeries to specialized treatments for conditions such as glaucoma, retina issues, oculoplastic, dry eyes, and advanced contact lens fittings. Patients who undergo procedures at Newsom Eye experience life-changing outcomes, enjoy improved vision and overall well-being.

Over the course of its 22-year history, Newsom Eye has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from just five employees to a dedicated team of over 250 professionals. The practice’s commitment to excellence is evident in its acquisition of over ten eyecare practices and the development of three Ambulatory Surgery Centers. This expansion allows Newsom Eye to reach more patients and provide them with the highest standards of care and safety.

In addition to its clinical services, Newsom Eye is dedicated to education, offering an optometric residency program with three positions annually and an ophthalmology fellowship program to train the next generation of eyecare specialists and surgeons. This commitment ensures a steady stream of potential physicians homegrown within the practice, further contributing to its ongoing expansion and success.

Newsom Eye operates two AAAHC accredited surgery centers, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety and has multiple locations including Sebring, Brooksville, Carrollwood, South Tampa, and Clearwater. Known for its emphasis on customer care and employing the most advanced research facilities and technology, Newsom Eye stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of ophthalmology, offering patients the best in vision care and eye health.


If you’re seeking a fulfilling career with boundless opportunities, look no further than Newsom Eye. Our commitment to progress and unexplored opportunities ensures that your career here will always be on an upward trajectory. We pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge, patient-driven outcomes that truly change lives. You’ll also be a part of an exceptional team who share your motivation and hunger for success. As we look ahead, we have a documented 10-year plan to triple the size of our practice, reflecting our unwavering dedication to growth and excellence. Additionally, with our solid financial stability, you can join us in steering the ship towards even greater success.

In our open office environment that fosters collaboration and innovation, joining Newsom Eye is the opportunity to be a part of a practice dedicated to helping people by offering the best product in the industry. We stand proudly among the top 1% of ophthalmology practices, receiving national recognition, thanks to Dr. Newsom’s extensive expertise and groundbreaking research. With a remarkable 22-year legacy and a strong commitment to shaping the next generation of surgeons, Newsom Eye is not just a job, it’s a chance to take part in creating the next generation of top-tier medical professionals. Join us in our mission to propel this organization to even greater heights!

 Core Values:

  • Treat EVERYONE like your Mom: No one thing is more critical to our success than the way we interact with and treat our patients. We must listen to and understand what our patients value, and what they need… and deliver it.
  • BELIEVE in the Newsom Eye Experience: We are a team, everyone’s contributions are significant (No one person is bigger than the team). Take pride in each part of the experience and aspire to help others. We are all in 100% or nothing. Everyone contributes. It takes everyone to make the experience. Our reputation is our future.
  • Be the BEST: We are a company with the best people, who do the right thing. Everyday we provide patients with life changing experiences. We much continually challenge ourselves and stretch our capabilities.
  • CHALLENGE the Status Quo: Be present, embrace change. Be willing and looking for ways to do our jobs better. We are pioneers in eye care and innovators in surgery.
  • Make it HAPPEN!: Have a sense of urgency to make sure patients’ expectations are met. Foster the “whatever it takes” mentality. Always be willing to do more.

Benefits: Medical, Dental, In-Practice Vision, Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, Accident Recovery, Life Insurance, 401k, and PTO

Salary: $175,000 to $200,000 plus performance-based incentives 

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to continue your career with a company that excels in a dynamic and high-impact environment, we want to talk with you! Apply today!

JOB CODE: Newsom Eye