Director of Operations

Leominster, MA




Are you thick-skinned, fearless, tenacious, and willing to grow? Are you an accountable and analytical risk manager with strong communication skills? If you appreciate hard feedback, know when to push, and love dogs, then we want to talk to you!

Our ideal Director of Operations is:

  • Hardworking. You're a mentor willing to share your knowledge and delegate to others. You're a quick learner who is task-focused, detail-oriented and works well under pressure. You are selfless and strategic and hold the organization's vision to a high standard.
  • Humble. You are far from a know-it-all, don't always need to be right, and are willing to learn. Co-workers describe you as even-tempered and open-minded. You're not abrasive, condescending, or set in your ways, but instead are authentic and self-aware. You're able to graciously accept direct feedback.
  • Knowledgeable. You're technically inclined and have an understanding of the industry. Financially aware, you're forward-thinking and versatile. You're fact-based yet intuitive, emotionally intelligent yet logical. You decentralize the planning process and mitigate risk.
  • Relatable. Likable and patient, you're good-natured and have a sense of humor. You make people feel included, have a team mentality, and don't hold grudges. Empowering and empathetic, you meet people where they're at but don't show favoritism. You can advocate for those in the field and work with leadership. You're collaborative and fair, available and adaptive.

Our Director of Operations is comfortable leading, no matter the circumstances. They are the first line of defense on profitability. We are looking for someone who thinks big but is also comfortable in the shallow end. Our candidate can see things from different perspectives, appreciates different backgrounds, and respects those in other positions.


The position of Director of Operations requires financial acumen. You'll need to be able to plan, identify, and maximize key resources. This position requires a positive attitude and staying calm under pressure.

The job responsibilities of our Director of Operations include:


  • Manages Project Managers & Operations Coordinator
  • Relates and communicates up and down leadership chain
  • Oversees the warehouse
  • Maintains ownership over quality within the department
  • Keeps ownership team up to date on relevant information
  • Runs departmental meetings
  • Handles department safety, including vehicle and equipment maintenance
  • Resolves project-related issues
  • Ensures functionality of operation infrastructure


  • Responsible for operation career and training paths. Manages personal and professional development of operations team  
  • Utilizes technology & common sense to develops and implements processes and procedures.


  • Oversees job budgets
  • Presents accurate billing information and financials to Financial Dept
  • Presents revenue projections, project forecasting, and other reporting to leadership team



  • Steady career progression, IN CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, from entry level to Director
  • 3-5 years operation department leadership
  • Experience leading teams of 15+ direct reports
  • Customer-facing experience
  • Previous departmental financial ownership (such as budgets and labor expenses)


  • Experience with Industrial flooring (Epoxy, Polished Concrete, Self-level Topping)
  • Trade (Cement/Concrete Finishing, Plumbing, Electric, HVAC, etc…) experience
  • Previous departmental financial ownership (such as P&Ls, capital expenses, and assets)
  • Progressive career development
  • High school diploma


  • Military experience
  • College degree

THE COMPANY – Black Bear Coatings & Concrete

Black Bear is the Northeast's leading industrial coatings expert. With more than 25 years of experience, our team has done it all. Black Bear specializes in decorative and designer epoxy, urethane mortars, surface restoration, cementitious coatings, polishing, mitigation systems, and more. By using innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, we've become the preferred partner of industry leaders. At Black Bear, you will have the tools you need to get the job done.

WHY Black Bear Coatings & Concrete?

Black Bear is doing something many companies are not: surrounding ourselves with driven, selfless, hardworking people. We are specialists with a focused, solutions-based approach. The Director of Operations must be authentic and willing to put people first.

  • Industry and market leader
  • Workplace filled with friends and family
  • Small business with industry expertise
  • Dog-friendly office

 Our Core Values are:

  • Fail Forward - Failure is not a problem. The problem comes when we don't learn from our experiences. Everyone fails, it is how we rise from the fall that matters.
  • Road Less Traveled - We are a group of people that do NOT always thrive on the road well-traveled but have found a home here, having followed the road less traveled. We stick together, take care of each other, and work as a TEAM.
  • The Extra Mile - We strive to go further and do it better than others. We stay a little longer, work a little harder, and put a little bit more into our floors so that they'll reflect our efforts.

If you want the opportunity to join a longstanding, growing, niche industry, we'd love to hear from you. When you're ready to peek behind the curtain at what makes America tick, apply to Black Bear!

Salary: $115K - $140K


  • 401(k) with 6% employer match
  • Health, Dental, Vision - 50% company paid
  • Life/Disability insurance - Company paid up to $50k for life with option to purchase additional
  • Time Off - Paid Time Off (PTO) with longevity increases (1 week/after 1 year, 2 weeks/after 3 years, 3 weeks/after 5 years), 6 paid holidays, 5 paid sick days

JOB CODE: Black Bear Coatings and Concrete